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We are a logistics expert to provide Freight Management and Contract Logistics services that are friendly, customized and seamlessly designed to meet your shipping requirements.

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Shtiks Logistics Services

Shtiks offers flexible and end-to-end third-party logistics (3PL) services that specialized in integrating logistics operations to warehousing, customs to distributions. Our 3PL services give us the capability to clasp superior knowledge and flexibility.

We are committed to delivering cost-effective, efficient, and seamless supply chain management to our clients and to become known as a loyal third-party logistics provider. We always ensure knowledgeable personnel to field projects and operations as part of the service.

Professionalism & Reliability is the key concept at Shtiks

Air Freight

Our company has an air freight option available for your precious or urgent shipments that ensure the shipping reaches the destinations in time. Air Freight transportation is no doubt a dynamic method of the transport system that offers customers the swiftest avenue, especially during rushed moments. In such a case, there’s simply no other better option – you must move your time-sensitive goods by air for sure. We proved ourselves through a steadily strong performance as an air freight provider and also by using the most modern technology and dynamic visionary solutions.

Our air freight service can provide the fastest flights on the most suitable routes with the best packing options available. We are here to help you in finding the best available opportunities for the services you request choosing the best-suited environment for your shipments. Our exclusive air freight network can offer you professional handling and can significantly help reduce delays and costs. Being able to satisfy our clients regularly defines our victory.

Customs Clearance

We at Shtiks offer guaranteed customs clearance service for you. When you’re working so hard to get your products to where it needs to be on time, the last thing you face is costly customs clearance mistakes or late. Wherever you need customs expertise, we have the right people, licenses, and permits to clear your shipments on schedule. In this regard, fortunately, our expert professionals can identify exactly what you need to get through customs with an ease solution. Also, they are supported by the technology needed to achieve this with scalable precision that grows with your business.

With our customized customs clearance services from us, you can rely on smooth and fast customs release of the goods at your destination. Navigate seamlessly through secure customs clearance and make the most out of opportunities to minimize hazards and incurring losses.

Container Drayage

When it happens to have sensitive products shipped from one place to another, there are several important points to consider. From finding affordable rates to ensuring that your trucking service will be completed safely and stress-free as scheduled. Getting your container to its final destination requires a specialized set of skills. Shtiks has the expertise to deliver the most cost-effective solution for you.

As leaders in the 3PL industry with special expertise – we deliver the most cost-effective solution for you whereas our dedicated dispatch team across the country organizes and maintains consistent and effective communication. We assist with planning the ideal route, load, carrier mix, and mode of transport for on-time delivery of your container.

Domestic Trucking

We are specialized in dangerous goods and high-consequence cargo, and our skilled staff will maximize the reduction of transportation spending and deliver your cargo on time. We endeavor to understand your supply chain and domestic Trucking needs to ensure we connect you with the right carrier, for the right price. From the shore to shore and everywhere in between, Shtiks containers are on the move. Shippers always rely on us to make the best intermodal solutions to keep freight safe and secure, whether it’s inbound materials or products on their way to market.

Our domestic Trucking services secure your freight and take care of everything from handoff to arrival. We source well-qualified carriers and even pull from our owner-operator fleet to align with your shipping requirements.

FTL (Full truck load)

Our expansive carrier network, in addition to our access to a dedicated fleet, allows Shtiks to provide sustainable, customized, and efficient truckload solutions to fulfill your logistics needs. Throughout the life of a business, shipping needs will consistently change making it difficult to plan ahead.

When you partner with Shtiks as your logistics management partner, we will examine your shipping needs to determine how we can support you, uncover opportunities in your supply chain and provide you with the most cost-reliable, customized, and sustainable shipping solutions. We are proud to be one of the leading freight forwarders in the USA for offering specialized logistics services by FTL.

LTL (Less Than Truckload)

At shtiks, we know that building long-term relationships with our clients sometime starts with that very first LTL shipment. We always take that very seriously because we will win when our clients win. We have the experience and skills to take the complexity out of Less-Than-Truckload shipments. Our company extensive network provides us with flexible shipment options and our shipment volume gives us the ability to drive down costs. We pass those benefits directly to our clients every time.

With Shtiks a shipment too large for LTL, but not quite a full truckload, that’s no longer means pricey shipment or have to be slow delivery. Our system will analyze and optimize your LTL inbound and outbound networks using our technology to consolidate shipments and select the efficient mode while still meeting your service requirements.

Direct delivery to Amazon FBA

We can smoothly ship products to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre. We can collect products from and make delivery to Amazon fulfillment centers. This gives Amazon resellers the advantage to deliver their products to the customers via the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) service. Shipping directly from your supplier to Amazon FBA comes with the benefit of less transit time for your products as they go from manufacturing to customers. This is great if you are in a time crunch and want to get your items to the warehouse and out again as fast as possible.

However, by not stopping at a fulfillment company (or yourself) first, you are losing out on critical quality control. It’s easy – Sellers make a request a delivery slot with Amazon for their goods via their Amazon Seller Central account, then contact us directly to arrange a collection.

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