End to End Warehouse and Logistics

Ease your stress so you can focus on growing your sales

Not your typical 3pl

We’re your dedicated warehouse and logistics manager, we’ll pick it up from your supplier, we’ll storage it and we’ll ship it to your customer.

We’ll do everything you need, just like you would do it in your own facility, direct to consumer, FBA inbound, all types of labels, packs, international, returns and even Amazon removal.

You just hire us, and we dedicate ourselves for all your fulfillment and warehousing needs

Affordable 3-Day Delivery across United States

FBA like fulfillment for sellers of all sizes with simple and
transparent pricing.

This simple pricing include all your fulfillment cost, receiving, pack/
pick, order handling, packaging material, and shipping cost.

Add the 3-day shipping badge anywhere you sell,
Walmart 3 Day, eBay Fast Shipping or Shopify 3 Day.

Accurate. Fast. Affordable.

Shtiks is not just a fulfillment center, we’re a startup
technology company.

We guarantee your products from your supplier to your customer  
in record time with a 100% accuracy.

From small to enterprise, whatever it’s 1 order
or 100,000 we’ve got you covered.

With Shtiks you’ll never lose a product again or miss any shipping deadlines.

why us?

On Time Shipping!

Yep by Shtiks you’re 100% guaranteed to have all your orders shipped on time. with our advanced machine learning technology, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your orders get fulfilled accurate and on time

Cost saving shipping rates

Deeply discounted rates with all major carriers, plus our artificial intelligence we keep your products close to your customer to get even cheaper shipping rates.

Accuracy Garanteed

With our advanced technology we keep track on your inventory on every step in the warehouse, from receiving, storing and shipping, no reconciliation needed.

Transparent Pricing

at Shtiks you’ll have no surprises on your invoice, with our transparent and simple pricing, you’ll know the cost of everything beforehand. And for sure you’ll gain back the trust in the 3pl industry 😉

Get started in just 4 easy steps


Kickoff Meeting

We will setup an initial kickoff meeting to discuss your specific needs and requirement s


Dedicated Manager

We will then match you with 1 of our dedicated logistics managers to take over your stress.


Full Setup

Your Manager will then setup for you all your integrations and everything that is needed.


And Boom!

We our fully taking over your warehousing and logistic while you can stay focused on your sales

What our customer are saying

We’re Global with warehouses in China, US, 1 in California, 1 in NY UK, and more coming soon